About Us

We’re Cara & Alfredo (a.k.a Fredo). Coupled up for just over six years now, we pretty much do everything together. We cook together, golf together, cross marathon finish lines together. While we come from very different backgrounds and upbringings, we embrace blending our cultures and ultimately our food choices. We love to try new things – especially food.

We love to travel. Exploring different cultures and cuisine is one of our favorite things. Some people collect shot glasses from everywhere they travel, we collect cookbooks or take a cooking class in each new place – not that we’re against shot glasses.

Cooking has been a passion for Cara since she was in her teens and realized that macaroni and cheese from a box was not a typical home cooked meal (sorry mom, but don’t worry, I won’t share your unique combinations for that delight).

Fredo grew up loving fish and seafood. Originally from Cape Verde Islands, many recipes were inspired by Portuguese cuisine.

Sometimes we’ll make indulgent dishes, sometimes we’ll get uber healthy, but all the time we’re focusing on delishous.

We look forward to this adventure with you!

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